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No. 55, 2015 | PaperBack
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India’s Role in Afghanistan Post 2014: Strategy, Policy and Implementation
Kirit K Nair
Afghanistan’s unique geo-strategic location positions it as a viable land bridge to Central Asia, Iran & Afghanistan’s energy resources.

This paper examines India’s strategic, political & economic objectives in Afghanistan and the range of pro-active measures undertaken in Afghanistan to secure the objectives. It dwells on the positive tradeoffs that Indian initiatives have derived so far, but argues that India needs to exploit it further by adopting a more vigorous multi-pronged strategy. A strategy which seeks to deny space to potentially hostile state & non state actors from undermining Afghanistan’s stability & Indian interests while also restricting traditional fence sitters like China from economically expanding in Afghanistan at India’s expense.

First, the paper examines the Indian objectives in Afghanistan followed by an analysis of the Indian initiatives undertaken in Afghanistan. Subsequently, it seeks to articulate why India needs a de-novo appraisal of its strategy and suggests measures to secure Indian interests in Afghanistan.

Kirit K Nair: Col Kirit K Nair, SM ** was commissioned in to 1 SIKH LI on 07 Mar 92 and commanded the same unit in OP RHINO. He has served extensively in Counter Insurgency Operations in J& K and in Assam and considerable experience in High Altitude tenures in Op J&K, MEGHDOOT, and in Arunachal Pradesh. An alumnus of OTA, Chennai, the officer has served in NSG, UN Mission (MONUSCO) and AGIF. He is currently on Study Leave doing a Post graduate programme in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management from Bhartiya Vidhya bhavan, Bangalore.




1. Introduction
Afghanistan Scenarios Post 2014 ISAF Drawdown

2. Indian Objectives in Afghanistan

Elimination of Anti-India Terrorism
Undermine Pakistan’s Influence in Afghanistan
Undermine Taliban and other Terror Groups
Strengthen Ties with Iran
Enhance Ties with the CARs
Enhance Stake in the Natural Resources of Afghanistan
Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI ) Pipeline
Counter Chinese Influence in Afghanistan
Projection as a Regional Power
Achieving the Objectives

3. Indian Initiatives in Afghanistan
Enhanced Indian Involvement in Afghanistan: Hurdles/Current Scenario
Need for Change

4. Proposed Strategy and Implementation
Reduce Political Space for Pakistan
Strategic Depth vs Pashtunistan: Durand Line.
Balawaristan: The Northern Areas
ISIS: An Indirect Threat
India’s Internal Security Preparedness and Strategy to Counter Terrorism from AF-Pak Region
Intensify Economic Activities
Intensify Creation of Alternative Infrastructure
Financial and Military Aid
Projecting Power

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