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Threat of Camo Xenon Prince

Datta Sheregar

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This is the second series in the graphic novel - Threat of Camo

Datta Sheregar Dear Readers,

I hoped the first book was appealing to all of you. This next episode is finally here, unraveling and creating more secrets.

My name is Datta Mahesh Sheregar. I live in Dubai with my parents, sister, and four dogs. I am currently preparing for university and have also planned many more episodes for the ‘Parodox and The Red Matter’ series.

I request all readers to support me with criticisms, as it will help me further develop the next episodes.

I am thankful to Integrated Capital Services Ltd. New Delhi for their encouragement for this second episode.

Last but not least, I would like to thank both my parents and Ms.Kalpana Shukla (Publisher) for their raising support.





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