Only This Much - Professional Program (Module 2): Financial Treasury & Forex Management (FTFM), Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency (CRI)

ANS Vijay, Tharun Raj and Divya Mittal

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Only This Much

ANS Vijay, Tharun Raj and Divya Mittal A.N.S. Vijay, the author and originator of the concept of Only This Much! You may catch him on his CS blog for advice, exam pointers (a must for CS students!). He is a practicing professional whose goal is to make law learning & practicing, an interesting experience for students & clients through his initiatives Learnlabz (a knowledge sharing division) and Lawlabz (provider of 360o personalized corporate solutions).
Tharun Raj, a passionate professional who exuberates confidence in every word uttered and written. Boring subjects like taxes and finance will turn interesting with the touch of him. With his insights into profession like Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants & Chartered Accountants, he has trained innumerous students across India and made them successful in their professional careers.
Divya Mittal, a Practising Company Secretary attached with Lawlabz who is involved in providing personlized virtual corporate legal solutions through She has handled voluminous assignments for various companies in India and abroad and specializes in foreign exchange laws. She is more involved in adding creativity to the contents and structure of the whole book.
R. Anand, a Gold medalist in December 2006 Final Examinations (Conducted by the ICSI). He is presently working at SEBI in the Division of Issues and Listing, Corporate Finance Department and has handled vetting of draft Offer documents for various types of issues, including Indian Depository Receipts and Corporate Governance aspects.
Venkatraman, a Company Secretary with an innovative bent of mind. Perfection, Challenges and a thrist for knowledge are few of his traits which he has attempted to replicate in OTM. Having vast experience in the field of Corporate and Securities laws, he has appeared before various Boards and Tribunals in India.Introduction to Financial Management
- Superiority of Wealth Maximization Over Profit Maximization
- What is Financial Management?
- Functions of Financial Executives
Time Value of Money
- Reasons of Time Preference of Money
- Techniques for Evaluating a Decision by Considering Time Value of Money
Financing Decisions
- Cost of Capital
- Cost of Debt
- Cost of Normal Debentures
- Cost of Redeemable Debentures
- Cost of DebentuRes (Kd) – Summary
- Cost of Preference Shares
- Cost of Loans
- Cost of Equity
- Computation of Growth Rate
- Computation of Beta
- Cost of Reserves
- Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) or Overall Cost of Capital
- Marginal Cost of Capital
- Leverages
- When Operating Leverage Turns Into Operating Risk?
Capital Structure – Decisions
- EBIT – EPS Analysis
- EBIT – MPS Analysis
- Coverage Ratio
- Cash Flow Analysis
- Nature of the Industry
Capital Structure – Theories
- Net Income Approach (NI Approach)
- Net Operating Income Approach (NOI Approach)
- Modigliani – Miller Approach (MM Approach)
- Traditional Approach
Project Planning and Control
- Procedure of Capital Budgeting
- Project Life Cycle
- Significance of Capital Budgeting
- Types of Projects
- Feasibility Study of a Project
- Technical Appraisal
- Financial Appraisal
- Economic AppraIsal
- Commercial Appraisal
- Managerial Appraisal
- Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA)
Investment Decisions
- Meaning of Capital Budgeting
- Nature of Capital Budgeting
- Why Capital Budgeting/Investment Decision?
- Knock Out – Accounting Approach Vs Cash Flow Approach
- Computation of Cash Inflows
- Depreciation as Per Income Tax and Its Effect on Cash Flows
- Non Discounting Techniques
- Computation of Pay Back Period
- Discounting/ Modern Techniques
- Net Present Value
- Reasons for Capital Rationing
- Optimal Replacement Cycle
- Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
Dividend Decisions
- Dividend Policies
- Modigliani – Miller Model (Irrelevance Theory)
Working Capital Management
- Important Points
- Inventory Management
- Cash Management
- Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
- Investment V. Speculation
- Security Analysis
- Efficient Market Hypothesis/Theory (EMH)
- Random Walk Theory
- Dow Jones Theory
- Portfolio Management
- Measuring Risk in a Portfolio of ‘N’ Securities
- Correlation (It Lies Between -1 To +1)
- Risk of Portfolio at Perfect Positive Correlation
- Risk of Portfolio at Perfect Negative Correlation
- Decision Based on Beta
- Capital Market Line (CML)
- Security Market Line (SML)
- Capital Assets Pricing Model
- Buying, Holding and Selling Shares Using CAPM
- Characteristic Line
- Forward Contract
- Futures Contract
- Pricing a Futures Contract
- Index Futures
- Interest Rate Futures
- Options
- Swaps
- Interest Rate Swap
- Foreign Exchange (Forex) Management
- About Forex Market
- How Exchange Rate is Determined in India?
- Some Terms Used in Forex Market
- Pillars of International Finance
- Arbitrage Opportunities Can Be Identified in One of the Two Ways



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