It has been some months since we have migrated from Work From Home (WFH) to Back to Work (BTW). The emotions are beyond description, it was a sense of gratitude that the team assembled with a new zeal to make things happen.

Since then much has happened, the challenge to reach office, to keep safe and also to find new ways to work with minimum interaction.

Since May we have released:

These apart, it has been an exciting day today July 29,2020 to keep the eyes trained on the Rafale entering the Air Space and moving towards Ambala for their momentous landing. The true understanding of Air Power was apparent for all to see; the exchange between the Navy and team Rafale gave huge national pride…'May You Touch the Skies with Glory' was the message exchanged.

Education has taken a back foot, the schools or colleges have not reopened, the previous year exams are yet to be conducted, a decision on which is not reaching consensus. Thus resulting in no direction on library purchase etc.

However, we move forward with our work and are glad to give below the forthcoming books:

Our books are available through

Till then stay safe and happy reading!

Kalpana Shukla


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