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9781612346311 | HardBack
432pp | 2014

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Warrior Diplomat a green beret's battles from washington to afghanistan
Grappling with centuries-old feuds, defeating a shrewd insurgency, and navigating the sometimes paralyzing bureaucracy of the U.S. military are issues that prompt sleepless nights for both policy makers in Washington DC and soldiers at war, albeit for different reasons. Few, however, have dealt with these issues in the White House situation room and on the front line. Michael G. Waltz has done just that, working as a policy advisor to Vice President

Richard B. Cheney and also serving in the mountains of Afghanistan as a Green Beret, directly implementing strategy

in the field that he helped devise in Washington.

MICHAEL G. WALTZ: MICHAEL G. WALTZ is a lieutenant colonel in the Special Forces (reserve component), president of Metis Solutions, and senior national security fellow at the New America Foundation. Formerly, he was commander of a Special Forces company, counterterrorism advisor to the vice president, and director for Afghanistan policy,Office of the Secretary of Defense–Policy.

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